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Sustainable Healthcare for Haiti (SHH) is very pleased to be teaming up with Foundation Montesinos on a healthcare clinic for all the school children at their site.  Foundation Montesinos already maintains a mission of providing life skills education for the children and adding healthcare will be a natural progression.   SSH plans to assist the foundation by providing a healthcare intervention and education program with a strong emphasis on the children taking responsibility for their own health.


Montesinos Orphanage and Environmental Technical School is located northeast of Port-Au-Prince and along the south side of the national highway “Route National Numero 1”.  The orphanage, school, and church sit on the top of the hill with the ocean toward the south and mountains toward the north.  The town of Titanyen is located along the northern side of the highway.  The foundation houses, feeds, clothes and educates approximately 80 orphans.  Another 220 children come from the town for schooling and two meals a day.


Following the earthquake, there was a concerted effort by the Haitian government to move families out of the camps in Port-au-Prince. One of the designated relocation areas was Jerusalem, an undeveloped region one hour north of Port-au-Prince. This new city is being built with government, UN and private investment and already houses 400,000 people. However, there are no healthcare facilities in the region.


SHH has partnered with a Haitian-based non-profit, who was provided an 8-acre parcel of land in the city of Jerusalem, to develop a healthcare facility. The project will help meet the basic primary care and vaccination needs because of its location as well as the plan to have solar powered refrigeration. Without a grid or utility infrastructure, the site will harness renewable resources (light, air, wind, sun, rain) through passive and active strategies, striving for closed-loop energy, water and waste management systems. The goal is for the facility to be a producer of energy, not a consumer, as well as a model for sustainable design for Haiti.


Local Haitians flooded the hillside near SHH's water drilling site in Jerusalem in September 2012 with anticipation over the possibility of having local water access for the first time in a very long time. With much success, Sustainable Healthcare for Haiti's contractors were able to drill a well and provide clean drinking water to the thousands of people of Jerusalem.

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