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Who We Are


SHH was established by a team of building experts located in the Greater Boston Area.


We specialize in a variety of fields and all share a common goal to provide primary care and support well-being for the children and people of Haiti. Our specialties include healthcare planning, programming, and design; architectural; structural, mechanical, electrical and waterworks engineering; bricks and mortar construction, and pharmaceutical, physical therapy, and other health services.

All of the design professionals have a specific interest and expertise in sustainable design and all of our team and board are pro bono volunteers.



Sho-Ping Chin

In the summer of 2015, Sustainable Healthcare for Haiti lost an invaluable team member, Sho-Ping Chin. A wife, a mother, a friend, and an incredibly accomplished architect, Sho-Ping was integral in the foundation of SHH and our growing community.


Sho-Ping was a leader and an extraordinary woman who was dedicated to providing healthcare and places of healing to the most vulnerable in Haiti and around the world. Sustainable Healthcare for Haiti will march on with hopes to fulfill her aspirations and will look forward to naming our first healthcare facility the Sho-Ping Clinic.

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