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SHH Builds

Sustainable Healthcare for Haiti, Inc (SHH) aka Enkourage Sante Pou La Vie is a 501c3 charitable non-profit with a mission to provide high-quality healthcare and health education to the people of Haiti by designing, constructing and operating facilities using sustainable technologies and delivery methods.  We can affect long-term health outcomes in under-served communities by addressing the relationship between individuals and healthcare. We enable children to see education and healthcare as a right, regardless of finances and family status, by fostering ownership of well-being, providing access to, and educating with, up-to-date health information, and creating a welcoming place of comfort and safety.

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  • $25 provides a child with necessary yearly vaccinations and medications


  • $75 supports all of a child's needs in the orphanage for a month

  • $120 provides additional solar panels


  • $600 covers our monthly cost at ALOM, our primary healthcare clinic provider for all 90 children who live at Fondation Montesinos


  • $1000 pays for a specialist to visit and run a three day clinic to see all of the children and staff of Fondation Montesinos as well as the children and staff of the St Dominique’s school


  • $10,000 covers the salaries for the health care providers, water engineer, and psychologist for an entire year


  • $30,000 pays for the construction of the education building which will be the sister building to the Sho-Ping Chin Clinic

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All donations are tax deductible

Our Partners are Fondation Montesinos Orphanage and Saint Dominique Technical School in Titanyen, Haiti

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