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Healthcare for Haiti

Sustainable Healthcare for Haiti (SHH) is a 501c3, non-profit organization with a mission of providing high-quality healthcare and health education to the people of Haiti by designing, constructing and operating facilities using sustainable technologies and delivery methods.  We affect long-term health outcomes in under-served communities by addressing the relationship between individuals and healthcare. We enable children to see education and healthcare as a right, regardless of finances and family status, by fostering ownership of well-being, and creating a welcoming place of comfort, safety and opportunity.

$25 provides a child in Haiti with the necessary vaccinations.


$100 completely supports all of a child's needs in an orphanage for three months.


$500 pays a community health worker's salary for a month.

Donate now.

There are multiple ways to be involved with Sustainable Healthcare for Haiti and to aid and join in our efforts, whether by volunteering your time and expertise or by providing donations.

SHH is pleased to announce that we will be teaming with the Fondation Montesinos orphanage in Titanyen, Haiti to provide basic healthcare and educational health skills for their young populace.

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