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Sustainable Healthcare for Haiti (SHH) is a

501c3, non-profit organization with a mission

of providing high-quality healthcare and health

education to the people of Haiti by designing,

constructing and operating facilities using sustainable

technologies and delivery methods. We affect long-term

health outcomes in under-served communities by addressing

the relationship between individuals and healthcare. We enable

children to see education and healthcare as a right, regardless of finances and family status, by fostering ownership of well-being, and creating a welcoming place of comfort, safety and opportunity.


SHH strives to use local building materials and professionals and to implement the use of innovative and advanced technology that supports the Thumbprint to Healthprint program.


To read more about our programs, such as Thumbprint to Healthprint, and other initiatives, please click here.


  • Provide high-quality healthcare and equal access to the children in Haiti.


  • Provide facility support for visiting clinicians, researchers and families.


  • Build from explorations, inventions and innovations with available natural resources.


  • Create a momentary refuge for those needing to be healed.


  • Embrace nature as an ally and tap into the wisdom and resources of the local culture.


  • Empower the local public sector to take ownership of operation and self-sustenance.


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