Sustainable Healthcare for Haiti (SHH), a

USA based charitable non-profit with a

Board of Directors, both American and Haitian,

who are providing all services pro-bono,

partners with Foundation Montesinos (FM) and

St Dominique Technical School, a non-profit Haitian

orphanage and a school in Titanyen, Haiti. SHH has a sister

organization, Enkourage Sante Pou La Vie, that is a registered foundation in Haiti. The school is open to the community and is dedicated to teaching children to care for themselves and their community. SHH also has volunteers who provide expertise and administrative assistance. In Haiti, the staff is Haitian as are all contractors and healthcare providers who are fully licensed. 

Currently there are 90 children in the orphanage and 500 children in the school ranging in age from 3 to 18 years old. The school teaches sustainable development through health, education, nutrition, animal and vegetable farming, technical training, finance, and computer courses.  SHH also teams with ALOM, a medical provider with a new outpatient clinic building, who shares in the belief that healthcare delivery always must go hand in hand with education.

These partnerships provide a fully integrated health and educational plan and constructed environment that teaches children to take care of themselves, so that as adults they are knowledgeable and responsible for their personal well-being and that of their families and larger communities.



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  • Fondation Montesinos

  • Saint Dominique School


  • ALOM Clinic


  • Boilermakers for Haiti


  • Alphonse Brothers Transportation and Translation Services


  • Food for the Poor