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Sustainable Healthcare for Haiti (SHH) is a501c3, non-profit organization with a goal to deliver high-quality healthcare to the people of Haiti using sustainable technologies and processes for the design, construction and operations of healthcare facilities.

GOALSProvide high-quality healthcare and equal access to the children in Haiti.Provide facility support for visiting clinicians, researchers and families.Build from explorations, inventions and innovations with available natural resources.Create a momentary refuge for those needing to be healed.Embrace nature as an ally and tap into the wisdom and resources of the local culture.Empower the local public sector to take ownership of operation and self-sustenance.


SHH was established by a team of building experts located in the Greater Boston area. We specialize in healthcare planning and programming; architecture; structural, mechanical, electrical and waterworks engineering; and bricks and mortar construction. All of the design professionals have a specific interest and expertise in sustainable design.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS & TEAMMiriam Tuchman, RASho-Ping Chin, FAIANeil Lemieux, LEED APMatt GlynnGerard GeorgesSteven van NessStratton Newburt, PECraig Miller, PEBruc LewisLindsay Benson


Sustainable Healthcare for Haiti is partnered with select organizations that share a similar goals for Haiti.Pastor Jean Rigaud A. Antoine, PhD, Evangelical Alliance for Haiti, was donated the land in Jerusalem, Haiti, by the Haitian government. He has also built a school and an orphanage in a similar climate and terrain to that upon which the medical facilities will be erected and will be invaluable during construction. Judy Evans, Foundation for Fundamentals, is our fiscal sponsor. As the director of a New Hampshire-based 501(c)(3) with shared values and a long-standing relationship with Pastor Rigaud, Judy is an excellent partner for SHH.